Bitter Winter Anthology II: The Tai Ji Men Case in Taiwan – A Fight for Religion Liberty

The Legacy of the White Terror – The Martial Law ended in Taiwan over 30 years ago, but the legacy of the White Terrors remains.

Revelation – 20 Years of Oppression and Injustice / A History of Human Rights Struggles

The Truth – A Complete Account of the Unjust Tai Ji Men Tax Case 

End It from Where It Started – The Fabricated and Unjust Tai Ji Men / Criminal and Tax Cases 

Justice Denied: The Tai Ji Men Case in Taiwan – A dramatic story of persecution, arrest, detention, and ultimate legal victory—and further administrative persecution by misusing the tax system. The new White Paper by CESNUR and Human Rights Without Frontiers tells the story of the Tai Ji Men case in Taiwan as it is.

A Bitter Winter Anthology – The Path to Religious Liberty & Human Rights. The Tai Ji Men Case in Taiwan.

Who Stole Their Youth? – 24 Years of Persecution: A Battle for Human Rights & Tax Justice in Taiwan.

The Journal of CESNUR – Uncompleted Transitional Justice in Taiwan: Repression of Religious and Spiritual Minorities and the Tai Ji Men Case

The Journal of CESNUR – Volume 5, Issue 5, September—October 2021