The United Nations, Transitional Justice, and Religious Liberty

11/24/2021ROSITA ŠORYTĖ A+ | A- U.N. documents and Lithuanian cases about transitional justice indicate a road that is relevant for Taiwan as well. by Rosita Šorytė* *A paper presented at the mid-term conference of the Research Committee on Sociology of Religion (RC-22) of the International Sociological Association, Vilnius, Lithuania, November 11–14, 2021. In United Nations’ jargon, “transitional … Read more

The United Nations, Transitional Justice, and the Tai Ji Men Case

10/30/2021MASSIMO INTROVIGNE Inspired by a decision by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the U.N. became a main actor in promoting transitional justice. It is needed in Taiwan, too. by Massimo Introvigne* *A paper presented at the webinar “The United Nations, FORB, and the Tai Ji Men Case,” organized by CESNUR and Human Rights Without … Read more